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Once upon a time people believed that the world is the center of existence and has no boundaries; that it stands upon three elephants turtles or whales. Later with new opportunities to discover and travel, people realized that the world is arranged differently. Now we know that our world is a whole planet full of absolutely bewildering wonders.

Today we see young mothers trekking with their babies, active old ladies dressed in their trekking suits or smiley beard men with white strands, let alone the amount of young men wandering in mountains and forests.

Thanks to those people, whose souls constantly yearn for adventures and call beyond the horizon, we've been able to learn so much about this world and keep on learning to this day. Every time we find a moment to take a break and look around, to take a deep breathe and listen to heart whispering we know that all off this is A New Earth.

A new story

Our team

Alexandr Ra
photographer, storyteller

Vadim Gvon

Yanjima Purbueva

Elena Gamza

Kirill Eremin

Denis Laptev
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...keep your
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