How can I purchase a Magazine issue?

You can purchase any of our currently available issues through our Magazine application. To purchase an issue, tap on the cover of the publication and in the preview feed you will be able to tap on the option Buy. Once subscribed, you can also purchase current and subsequent issues with discount. The bundle of back issues will allow you to purchase any issues with discount, except the current one.

How can I read purchased issue of the Magazine?

Once your purchase is complete or once you opened an issue bought upon the subscription, it will automatically download and open on your device. Every issue will auto-open after they're done downloading, all the other times you will need to click the issue cover to open it.

How to use the Magazine navigation while reading an issue?

For more convenient and fast navigation you can use the preview feed of an issue. It will open when you click on the cover of an issue and will give you a choice to pick any part of the current issue by simply swiping the page to the left and right. After you click on the chosen page of the issue, it will appear in the full-screen size. To go back to the preview page, you will need to tap on any part of the page containing text and in the upper part of the screen you will see a panel titled A New Earth. Once you click the arrow return on the panel, the preview page will appear again. To close preview page, just click on any empty part of the screen.

How do I bookmark a page I was reading?

The application automatically bookmarks part of an article you were reading and opens the preview feed on the page that you closed earlier.

How can I access the EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) data of an image?

You can learn the EXIF data of the image once you open the image in the full-screen mode and swipe up the image screen with your fingers. You can hide the image data by swiping your fingers down.

How can I view all issues images?

You can view all images in the image gallery after you click on image collage on the first page of an issue or by clicking gallery icon in the right bottom corner of the image data window.

Do I need to have Internet access to view GPS-locations and maps?

Yes, you do. To view maps and GPS-locations you will need Internet connection.

I have previously purchased issues in your digital Magazine application, but now they are marked as unavailable for reading. What do I do?

To restore previously purchased issues of the Magazine, go to settings menu and click restore purchases.

What is a subscription and how do I subscribe?

The subscription will allow you to get current and all subsequent issues with discount throughout the whole subscription period that you chose. Each issue comes out once in two months (total of six issues a year). To subscribe go tosettings menu and choose one of two available types of subscriptions: six months (three issues) and twelve months (six issues).

How can I cancel automatic renewal of my subscription?

Please note that subscription remains valid until you cancel it. In case if you don't stop automatic renewal of the subscription within 24-hour period before current subscription period expiry, it will automatically renew at the end of each subscription period for the same period of time. Subscription money in the amount of subscription price will be automatically withdrawn from your iTunes account until you change the subscription settings in your iTunes personal account. To cancel automatic renewal of subscription and to navigate it, go to Apple ID settings.

How can I cancel my current subscription?

You cannot cancel your current subscription. App Store does not allow refund for ordered subscription.

What is bundle of back issues?

Bundle of back issues allows you to buy a few issues of your choice with discount. You can purchase all issues except the current one.

How can I delete an issue from my device?

To delete an issue from your device press long the issue cover.

I cannot find an answer to my question, what do I do?

If you do not find the answer to your question listed within our FAQ's, you can always contact us directly at anewearthmag@gmail.com